Nora was one of my first teachers and she is the most beautiful soul I know. She has inspired me in so many ways. She practises what she preaches and she reminds me that our true yoga practice begins when we take our practice off the mat. She doesn’t tell me what to see, but shows me where to look. Her light helps me discover my own light. My life is forever changed and I am so grateful to her.
— Judy Law (Hong Kong)
I always knew that yoga would be a great practice for my body in terms of strength and flexibility. I have taken yoga lessons here and there, but it never stuck. I have had lessons, which gave me glimmers of hope that I would stay with it. Unfortunately, I never found a class or teacher that inspired me. Not until now. Nora is an AMAZING teacher. One class with her and I was hooked. Nora knows and understands yoga and more importantly, she knows the body, skeletal frame, and its connected muscles, very well. That’s what sets her apart from other teachers. If a pose is too easy for you, she would suggest something different to push yourself. If a pose is too difficult for you, she would provide an alternative that would be accessible to your body. She and her classes have transformed my practice and my body. I look forward to going to her class every week.
— Alan Phan (Chennai, India)
I like to stay fit, I go to gym, swim, run and what not but since I started yoga about 15 years, I couldn’t stop. I felt good but I did not know why until I started learning yoga from Nora. She helped me not only correct my posture, she taught me what the posture is for, what change it brings to my life. She taught me yoga is not only for body but also for mind and spirit. She taught me to lead a life of yoga. She is not only my Yoga guru, she is my life teacher too.
— Ashok Jaiswal (Hong Kong)
Nora is the finest yoga instructor I have had over my 18 years of practice. She is sincerely dedicated in guiding her students physically and spiritually, and she is a caring teacher to every student in her classes. I am truly grateful for the three years I spent in Nora’s classes during my time in Hong Kong, and I truly miss her positive energy.
— Don Ritter (Montreal, Canada)
Nora is the best teacher I’ve ever had - she skilfully weaves in philosophy and anatomy knowledge into her classes, and delivers them in a clear and accessible way. I didn’t have a regular yoga practice until I started taking her classes, and then I was hooked! Nora is an amazing teacher and beautiful person who truly lives and breathes the spirit of yoga. She inspired me to become a yoga teacher myself and has transformed my practice and life for the better - thank you Nora!
— Holly Wong (Hong Kong)
Nora changed my life. She is such a talented and wise yoga teacher. She not only holds a profound of knowledge on the philosophy, history and spirituality of yoga but also has the unique gift of sharing and infusing these into her classes seamlessly. Nora has a vast knowledge in many areas and her classes are always well thought out, with great alignment cues and brings attention to the breath. Her classes are challenging, calming (and all that you didn’t know you need) and her depth of knowledge shared in the classes are very rare indeed. I always look forward to her classes. She pours so much Love into her classes that it is impossible not to love them. I highly recommend Nora’s classes to you.
— Eileen So (Hong Kong)
I had the pleasure of attending two of Nora’s yoga retreats in Thailand - once with friends in Koh Samui and once with my parents in Chiangmai. She is a wonderful teacher adept at leading students of all abilities. Nora merges the spiritual elements of yoga with a precise physical practice. I deepened my own understanding of yoga and my father who was a complete beginner attempted his first headstand! I could not recommend her highly enough.
— Tanya Hsu (Hong Kong)
It was a very nice retreat. I love the arrangement of combining yoga practice, sight seeing and hiking together in one trip.
I also love the chanting and Kirtan Aarti we had every night..... felt so warm and being loved.
It was a very blissful trip .....
— Brenda Choi (Hong Kong) - Follow Your Bliss, Bhutan retreat 2018
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the Follow Your Bliss to Bhutan yoga retreat with Nora Lim. It was our first time traveling with a group this size (17); yet, just the right balance between structure and flexibility made everything feel seamless. The accommodations, food, and touring exceeded all expectations. Who knew how high end Bhutan could be? Yet, it was the yoga, meditation, chanting, chakra work, sound healing, and rituals that made this a truly blissful experience. Nora is a truly caring and knowledgable yoga teacher, including all eight limbs of yoga practice and philosophy. It was such a joy to be in this beautiful place among such like-minded individuals—all drawn to Nora’s top notch professionalism and expertise.
— Karen Sumaryono (Chennai, India)
If you ever go to Chennai or actually anywhere she is and have even the tiniest interest in MUST meet Nora Lim of Think Off The Mat!
Her anatomy knowledge is impeccable, every class style is a treat...she teaches from a place even deeper than the heart...and really embodies what it means to wish all beings to be well and happy.
I’m so glad I discovered Think off the Mat..what i’ve experienced in a couple weeks has developed my practice, given me new tools and tactics to explore my body, mind and spirit..even as a teacher myself for a couple years..
Thank you so much Nora.
— Dionne Eleanor (United Kingdom)